The Hard Diamond Etching is specifically designed for engraving highly detailed halftone photographs and typography onto quality black granite monuments and signage.

Many masons have an inbuilt fear of hard diamond etching and particularly the technology of the thin layer chemical burning surface laser*. They are concerned about the complicated nature and set-up involved and of their own ability, or perhaps inability, to produce the digital artwork needed for quality results.

As with anything that relies on computer generated photographic images and sharp type fonts, garbage in will equal garbage out. Other granite monument masons not familiar with the intricacies of sophisticated artwork programs, will perhaps experience the most difficulty. At Provincial Granite we specialize in quality retouching processes and use advanced artwork programs through certified designers that are second to none in the industry.

Unlike laser engraving machines that use harsh chemicals, hard diamond etching does not use chemicals, does not require the monument to be level or flat and under controlled dust free conditions. A diamond needle is used impacting the stone much deeper than laser. As a result our photograph images and type are much brighter and shows up well under all weather conditions.

Provincial Granite – Diamond

Hard Impact Diamond Etching Machine
  • Uses No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Need for Leveling
  • Deep Impact Etching (Maintenance Free and Permanent)
  • No Fading, Pealing or Flaking
  • Top Quality Black Granite




Surface Burning Laser Engraving Machine
  • Uses Harsh Chemicals
  • Must be Leveled and Dust Free
  • Top Surface Burning
  • Possible Fading, Pealing and Flaking
  • Standard Black Granite
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